Clare Nasir selects…

We asked celebrities to choose their favourite photograph and share their thoughts about its significance for our region.  Broadcaster Clare Nasir, selects Woman in phone box by James Ravilious

Woman in phone box talking on phone. Documentary photograph by James Ravilious for the Beaford Archive, Beaford Arts


Clare Nasir, Broadcaster

‘‘Phone boxes always had a distinct smell (sometimes quite unpleasant) they were cold places, and not at all where you would want to conduct a long conversation. Slotting the coins in would ensure a brief call to get my mum to pick me up from a roller skating disco, or an evening hanging out in town with my teenage friends. These telephone boxes had other uses, doubling well as a zone of shelter from a biting wind whilst waiting for a lift. We would squeeze into one during the last moments of a cold winters evening.’

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