The first artist to work on the Beaford Archive was Roger Deakins – who took on the commission as a young art school graduate during 1971-72. After a year’s residency at Beaford, he decided to work in moving image and went on to study at the National Film School and is now best known as one of the most prolific and revered cinematographers working in film. He is a favourite collaborator of the Coen brothers and Sam Mendes to name a few, and in March 2018 – Deakins won his first Oscar (from his 14th nomination) for his work on Blade Runner 2049.

Speaking of the changes since his project, Roger said: "I wouldn't say the look of the countryside has changed so much, but the people and their lifestyles have. The old rural ways have largely died out and the small family farms seem less prosperous. The European directives on milk production and the national ban on hunting with hounds have had an effect. However, the countryside is changing again. Public interest in organic food production will probably see a renewed vigour in the North Devon farming communities."

‘Widely regarded as one of the best cinematographers in the world today... Roger says Devon is still his favourite place’
— Devon Life