Colin Stafford-Johnson selects…

We asked celebrities to choose their favourite photograph and share their thoughts about its significance for our region.  Wildlife cameraman and presenter, Colin Stafford-Johnson, selects the photograph below by James Ravilious.

Loading sacks of corn from combine harvester, Iddesleigh, Parsonage, August 1976. Documentary photograph by James Ravilious for the Beaford Archive © Beaford Arts


Colin Stafford-Johnson, Wildlife Cameraman and Presenter

‘A very poignant image for me. It symbolises both an end and a beginning. The end of so much in terms of the traditional ways of working the land and the skills associated with that endeavour and at the same time the beginning of agricultural intensification and  associated loss of wildlife.’ 
Colin Stafford-Johnson appears at Exeter Corn Exchange on 18 October 2018

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