Beaford is a network of people who come together to create unique events and projects in North Devon. We have a small core team of staff who work with a huge team of volunteers - from our Community Promoters who stage events in their villages, to the people who have helped us catalogue the Archive photographs and those who have spent hours talking to people in their homes and transcribing interviews for Oral Histories - every link in the chain is vital.

To all our volunteers, friends and partners, thank you. 

If you’d like to get involved, call us on 01769 572573 or email 

Oral History Volunteers

Glenda Barnett

Fenella Boxall

Andy Boyce

Laura Bradd

Kim Cleave

Sarah Cooper

Claire Davey-Potts

Geoff Duck

Roger Dunn

Tracy Ford

Rosie Godfrey

Annette Habel

Claire Hariades

Trevor Higton

Sue Knott

Deb Laing-Trengove

Jane-Anne Le Messurier

Elizabeth Mason

Polly McAfee

Miriam McCordy

Anne Minford

Nichola Saffin

Lisa Schneidau

Dave Scotting

James Smith

Thomasina Smith

Isabella Whitworth

Digitisation and Cataloguing Volunteers

Christina Bulford

Joe Clare

Anne-Marie Dick

Claire Hariades

Jenny Johns

Phil Keen

Catalina Moger

Steve Morton

Dave Scotting

Mike Smith

Nicky Woods

Archive Event Volunteers

Katie Hawkins

Monica Jones

Sue Hill

Community Promoters

Alan Bannister

Harry Bartlett

Fenella and John Boxall

Andy Boyce

Jess Burford Redgrove

Angie Burke

Louise Burnage

Chris Burrows

Lynn Campbell

Richard Carder

Toni Carter

Sarah Cooper

Sue Cottam

Margaret Crook

Peter Crook

Alan Cruden

Chris and Judy Dale

Dawn Dziurzynski

Sara Feasey

Nancy Featon

Alex Giffoni

Margaret Greenslade

Philip and Penny Griffiths

Kevin Harris

Bill Harvey

Carole Henderson-Begg

Judi Higton

Jon Hutchings

Damian Johnson

Susan Lee

Eddie Levett

Peter Little

Charlotte Lock

Kate Madden

Derek McCarthy

Pete McGahran

Linda Mountjoy

Sarah Muirhead

Lucy Perry

Jane Petch

Adele Poole

Tess Seggons

Alison Smith

Anne Testers

Derek Thorp

Clare Turner

Julie Whitton

Carol Wisken

Anna Worthington

Rose Young

Beaford Trustees

Tom Langdon Davies (Chair)

Steve Jarvis (Treasurer)

Anita Jellings

Martyn Warren

Chris Wightman

Debbie Kingsley

Mary Jackson

Peter Villers

Simon Standing

Hidden Histories Project Board

Martyn Warren (Chair) 

Simon Standing

Mark Haworth-Booth

Robin Ravilious

Ella Ravilious

Claire Kelly

Michael Winter

Beaford Staff

Director: Mark Wallace

Operations Manager: Jane Woodman

Communities Manager: Claire Ayres

Education Leader: Caroline Preston

Office Administrator: Nicola Stagg

Marketing & Audience Development Manager: Kelly Johnson

Hidden Histories Project Coordinator: Sophie McCormack  

Hidden Histories Oral Historian:
Malcolm Cowburn

Oral History Administrator: Kay Willmott

Hidden Histories Project Support Officer: Olivia Riley

Hidden Histories Project Cataloguer: Emma Down