Introducing…. Lucy Perry and Anna Worthington, Community Promoters, North Molton


‘I went out with my fellow Beaford promoter, Anna, to a couple of gigs in North Devon and we agreed that it would be great to have some events happening in our village. So, we contacted Claire Ayres, the Community Manager and went along to the Promoters evening at Fremington Quay Café. We applied for Sam Green, who was a sell out! Black Voices then filled All Saints Church, just before Christmas, and helped with the fundraising appeal to repair the Church tower. Since then we’ve been lucky to have many music, dance and theatre shows in North Molton, some of which have involved the local community with workshops and collaborations and all of which have been of amazing quality. 

It has been so exciting to meet the artists and to host their work in our little village. Beaford subsidises the performances and advertises them and generally makes it all possible. Beaford offers the acts and we try and fit them to the local venues and audience we have here. We then watch them transform the spaces with lights and staging, changing the atmosphere, creating excitement and a buzz. As soon as the performance ends and the clear up begins, it returns to normality leaving great memories and ideas for the future. 

The village is brought out and we’re together in the local halls which are often, as in many villages, underused. Some people have said to me that they have never been into the buildings or didn’t realise that they existed. It also gives the committees a chance to promote their upcoming events like the Church Christmas Services and show off the buildings and regular activities, maybe getting new bookings! The Committees get a boost of fun and positive energy and a little inspiration to keep working. I am hoping that we can entice a younger generation to step up and take a role, before we lose these community spaces.

I really like Beaford’s aim of linking the arts with the environment and I hope to help support them going forward. The young talented and enthusiastic artists are all full of so much energy and passion for their work, that they leave you thinking more deeply about issues and open our minds to their causes and fights.

Part of the fun is to look through the Beaford calendar and visit other villages and try lots of different shows. The Promoters are always welcoming and grateful that you have come out at night to support all their hard work. Seeing new halls and meeting other villagers is like going to a friendly party with quality entertainment!’

Would you like to host a Beaford event in your community?  We’re always looking for new Promoters and would love to hear from you.  You don’t need any experience as we work with you to decide on the right show and give you all the support you’ll need. Contact our Communities Manage, Claire Ayres for an informal chat: or call 01769 572573. 

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The village is brought out... it’s like going to a friendly party with quality entertainment.

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