Job Alert: Fundraising and Development Manager for Plastic Free Northern Devon

Plastic Free Northern Devon

Freelance Fundraising and Development Manager

Responsible to: Beaford on behalf of the Plastic Free Northern Devon Consortium (PFNDC)

Fee: £7,500

Contract period: To commence 1 March 2019 and complete no later than 28 June 2019.


About Plastic Free Northern Devon: The Plastic Free Northern Devon Consortium (PFNDC) is a group of 16 public, private and community organisations (established in 2018) who are committed, collectively and individually, to eradicating single-use plastics in northern Devon.

The Consortium was created to help combat plastic pollution through local action, recognising the negative and long-term impacts of plastics on our local flora and fauna, residents and visitors, waterways and seas, our countryside and, most importantly, the long-term legacy we leave for future generations. Each partner understands the importance of working together in order to make a real difference to this crisis.

The Consortium supports the vision of Plastic Free North Devon, an independent, community organisation, campaigning and delivering public-facing projects, which is:

to eliminate the unsustainable use of plastics in northern Devon by encouraging positive behaviour changes reconnecting people with their environment.” (@plasticfreenorthdevon)

The aims of the Plastic Free Northern Devon Consortium are to:

- Raise awareness of the issue 

- Reduce the amount of plastic consumed 

- Clear waste plastic from the environment 

- Ensure that it is disposed of appropriately 

Partners in the Consortium have produced a five-year Strategic Plan including short term and longer-term priorities. Some elements of the strategy are already in development or delivery by partners, whilst others require additional resources, hence this contract.

The programme outlined here is led by a Steering Group drawn from the Plastic Free Northern Devon Consortium including: North Devon Coast Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB); North Devon UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Beaford, and the independent third sector organisation ‘Plastic Free North Devon’.

Purpose of the Contract: The Fundraising & Development Manager will work with the PFNDC Steering Group and the existing wider PFNDC five-year Strategic Plan to define the public-facing programme and deliver the fundraising strategy required to resource it.

Main Duties and Responsibilities: The Fundraising & Development Manager will have overall responsibility for securing funding for a viable public-facing programme which will encourage sustainable changes in plastic usage among the people living in, working in, and visiting northern Devon. The role has two key tasks:

Defining the public-facing projects
The five-year strategic plan refers to a broad range of projects across all consortium partners, including a number of capital projects. The Steering Group expects to work pragmatically with the Development Manager to refine the five-year plan’s public-facing projects into a programme which will meet external funders’ requirements.

Delivering a fundraising strategy 

The Development Manager is expected to research and write fundraising applications to appropriate funding bodies, tailoring the proposed programme as needed in each case. The post’s primary objective is to secure the resources needed to deliver the programme.

Expected Outcomes: 

The Steering Group understands that complete funding might not be received by 28th June 2019. Our expected outcomes as follows:

- The public-facing Programme is signed off by the Steering Group by 15 March 2019. 

- The Fundraising Strategy is developed and signed off by 15 April 2019. 

- The Agreed Round 1 Bids are submitted by 28th June 2019.

Once funding is secured we expect that a member of the Steering Group will employ a Project Manager to manage the programme.

To Apply: Submit a letter of application outlining relevant experience, a brief CV for people delivering the work and a plan of work against named team members. Send to with the subject heading ‘Fundraising and Development Manager Application’ by 12pm on Monday 11 Feb 2019.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to a meeting with the Steering Group members. Applicants will be provided in advance of this meeting with a full copy of PFNDC’s Strategic Plan and details of the key contacts and staff structure of each member of the Steering Group.

For an informal discussion, call Mark Wallace or Kelly Johnson at Beaford on 01769 572573.

Kelly Johnson