Mary Quicke selects…

We asked celebrities to choose their favourite photograph and share their thoughts about its significance for our region.  Dairy Farmer and Cheese Producer, Mary Quicke, selects the photograph below by James Ravilious.

Loading sacks of corn from combine harvester, Iddesleigh, Parsonage, August 1976. Documentary photograph by James Ravilious for the Beaford Archive © Beaford Arts


Mary Quicke, Dairy Farmer and Cheese Producer

‘I love this picture.  It’s an early, tiny combine harvester harvesting what looks like spring barley.  The driver, probably the farmer, looks so proud to be driving the machine that takes so much labour out of harvesting.  In the background, you can see what looks like a dead elm tree, and to the right of it, what I think is a live mature elm tree, which you don’t see these days. It’s a high summer moment, an agricultural and tree history moment captured in one beautifully composed picture.’  

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