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“The material of the Beaford Archive, belonging to its future and rooted in its past, is of and for North Devon in the most fundamental sense.” Founding Director John Lane, 1974

Over the coming months we will be digitising 10,000 previously unseen images from the Beaford Archive. An archive of photos taken by James Ravilious and Roger Deakins capturing life in North Devon over a 20 year period starting in the early 70s. On this site you will be able to leaf through the archive and to share your thoughts.

James Ravilious’ classification of his own images was meticulous with every photo being labelled as best, good, fair or poor. With his best and good images already available on the Beaford Arts website, we are now digitising a selection from his fair or poor – although it’s sometimes hard to believe they could be seen as anything other than outstanding. Now classified as social history photos these images will take you back to an era gone by.

Come back again and share your memories as more and more images are added to this incredible historical record over the next few years.

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Contact Sheet 309 by James Ravilious

Contact Sheet 309

James Ravilious

Hidden Histories Timeline

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All Roger Deakins Contact Sheets

February 2018

3000 Newly Scanned Documentary Photos by Ravilious

March 2018

1500 More Scanned Documentary Photos by Ravilious (7500 total)

June 2018

1700 Best and Good Photos by Ravilious to join Beaford.org

August 2018

40 New Oral Histories

September 2018

1700 More Scanned Documentary Photos by Ravilious (9200 total)

November 2018

800 Newly Scanned Photos by Deakins and 40 More Oral Histories

Early 2019

Beaford Old Archive to join Beaford.org

Mid 2019