Why is Hatherleigh special?

Here you’ll find a selection of documentary photographs of Hatherleigh taken by James Ravilious along with excerpts of people we’ve interviewed as part of our Oral History project. We’re really keen to hear your thoughts about Hatherleigh and find out why this town is special to you. Your comments below can include information that might be missing, stories connected to the photographs or maybe a few words about how they make you feel. Your comments will be really appreciated and will help inform a big exhibition that will take place at the Burton Gallery in Bideford in spring 2019.

The church in Hatherleigh has always played very much a public role… still today during May normally, the parish church has a Sunday School Anniversary and at that particular occasion it’s a parade of witness whereby the children are led by the Hatherleigh Town Band parade around the streets of Hatherleigh… it’s tradition.
— Geoffrey Cleverdon, former President of Hatherleigh Carnival
My favourite part of the carnival is the night before – I love the anarchy of it… They start by pulling the tar barrels that will be lit the following day…. People stay up all night… A few years ago I was just about to go home to bed at 2:30/3am and we went down to the square and there were loads of people having a massive football match in the square… I love the anarchy of the night before.
— Deborah Lang-Trengove, Lord of the Manor, Hatherleigh
There’s been a lot of change in Hatherleigh…. the Bypass… community centre…the railway closed… the cattle market.
— Dennis Bater, Former Mayor of Hatherleigh
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